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About Parents in Action

We believe that educators are innovators and that we are all learners.

Padres en Acción is a nonprofit community organization founded in January 2000 in New York City and incorporated in 2008.

  • We advise immigrants with their immigration documentation

  • OSHA Training and Certification

  • Counseling for the preservation of the family


Our goal is to protect, preserve and strengthen families and communities.

Make each individual a leader, an active member to improve society, willing to defend the human rights of all members of society.

Family Preservation

We understand that the family is the element of inspiration that people have to achieve great challenges. We run workshops like:

• Raising children with special needs
• Anger management
• Domestic violence
• Individual and family counseling.


OSHA Certification

We empower members of our communities with education and training in the construction industry through OSHA certification courses:
• Scaffolds (Scaffold)
• Pennants (Flagger)
• Industrial safety training
• Reading construction plans
• Electricity
• Maintenance and repair of boilers
• Silica.

Why choose us?

Padres en Acción is a non-profit community organization founded in January 2000 in New York City and incorporated in 2008.

Ease of learning

Our classes are in Spanish, however we handle the technicalities of the language in English for a better development of the work.

Experienced Teachers

We have deep OSHA experience and this makes our content of greater interest to our students.

External services

We provide external training services on labor and family issues.

Face-to-face classes

We believe that it is important to be in contact with the instructors for better learning. For this reason we have 3 locations and times for everyone's convenience.

Parents in Action in action


We belong to a predominantly American Indian conglomerate that has generally gone through the same social problems in their countries of origin, and for this reason migrated to the United States in search of an opportunity for a better future.

Our headquarters is in New York City, one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet where virtually all ethnic groups are represented.

we consider that no person is illegal, but rather undocumented. we are hopeful that in the long run they will be able to obtain their regularized immigration status.

To contribute to the resolution of this situation, we provide a free immigration workshop every month seeking to provide information related to these issues.

With the collaboration of immigration law specialists from the United States of America. We advise our community on the details that they must take into account when making their decision to stay in North American territory and comply with the minimum legal requirements.

Regardless of the immigration status we may have, our basic human rights prevail under the constitution of this country. This gives rise to the opportunity to improve ourselves and improve our quality of life, as long as we conduct ourselves in line with the laws of this country.

As Sidarta Gautama, better known as The Buddha, said:

"The earth and the universe belong to everyone".

Family Preservation

We understand the great responsibility of preserving the family together despite the internal contradictions that can arise due to migration and dysfunctional couples due to the daily pressures to which we are all exposed. Added to this is the economic pressure that hits family budgets every day and determines in many cases the breakup of couples.

For this reason we have created a space that allows couples and families at risk to receive help to improve their quality of life. We believe that the family is the natural cell of human society and when it breaks, there is a spiral towards the bottom of the barrel of the whole society.

We have courses and workshops that help strengthen the family, from the experiential point of view. We respect all religions and points of view that, due to their traditions, often condition people's behavior and, nevertheless, we seek to integrate them into a philosophy more focused on family union.

Our message has a spiritual background that seeks to heal and harmonize relationships between all family members, both face-to-face and those in their countries of origin.

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